I fell in love with the Riviera Maya back in the early 80’s while backpacking through Mexico. I dreamed for years that I would one day find myself living here somewhere near the water. It seems like yesterday I was packing my bags and heading to Cancun to an International Living Conference on investing in real estate abroad. It was on that trip in 2013 I purchased my first investment property in Tulum. The condo delivered a year later and I moved down. That decision changed the course of my life forever and I couldn’t be happier.

I am from San Antonio, Texas and lived 25 years in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I have spent much of my life back and forth across the border. I love Mexico, the culture, the language, the people and I love living in Tulum. I live and work full-time here and it feels like home. Lie is simple and the pace is slow, people are happy and no one is in a hurry about anything. 

This past weekend I kept it simple and spent time with good friends in Tankah Bay, we laughed, ate, drank, walked, kayaked out to the reef and got massages on the beach. It was a perfect weekend, makes me look forward to the next one.

If you are looking at Tulum as a place to invest then you are considering one of the top world destinations of interest to travelers, retirees and international investors. 

Whatever your plan it’s important to understand why people come to Tulum. This is not your average small town. Tulum is surrounded in natural wonders, to the north of town perched on a bluff above the water sits the Tulum Ruins built in the 13th century, and to the South is the Sian Ka’an Biosphere with over 2000 square miles of Unesco protected coast line, rain forests, mangroves and marshes. Inland is Coba an important Mayan settlement dating back to the 1st century, running in front of Tulum is the 2nd largest coral reef in the world. Tulum sits on top of one of the largest subterranean river systems in the world. All of this mixed with white sand beaches and luscious jungles making Tulum a top destination on anyone’s bucket list. 

People from around the world are attracted to Tulum. There is an open mindedness here that mixes easily with the Mayan culture. With all the diversity, comes exquisite food, great music, fashion, amazing art and sports of all kinds. Once known as a winter paradise for the snowbirds, Tulum is now becoming a year round destination with art, music, wellness, yoga and food & wine festivals throughout the year. It attracts not only locals, but North Americans & Canadians, Central & South Americans and Europeans, who are are all coming throughout the year. If you pay close attention you will hear different languages spoken all around town.

Each week I’ll be sharing different experiences and more information on living and investing as a foreigner in Mexico. Next week I’ll give an overview of the growth we are experiencing here and a break down on the different areas of Tulum. 

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-Linda Valentine, Living in Tulum

Investor, Developer, Real Estate Broker

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